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Our group

Our Group

 Since a couple of years we recreate the Grenadier Company of the 1st Battalion, 42nd (Royal) Highland Regiment of Foot "Black Watch"in the period from 1808 to 1815. By intensive research we have been able to reconstruct the appearance of the unit, its uniform and equipment as detailed and historically correct as possible. We are not content with wearing the right uniform but also aim to have our tents and equipment set up for a 200 years jump back in time.

 Our currently about 20 members come from all over Germany. Our group belongs to the Napoleonische Gesellschaft e.V., an umbrella organisation for German Napoleonic reenactment groups. In recent years members of our group took part in reenactments in Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy and France. We aim at taking part in 4 to 6 events per year. Apart from battle reenactments and living history events we can also be found at museum events to provide a background for exhibitions related to the Napoleonic period. During these events we closely cooperate with other reenactment groups portraying British and Highland regiments, e.g. the 92nd "Gordon" Highlanders.

 We constantly look for new members in order to make our demonstrations and displays more attractive and let them look more realistic. The Napoleonic period was the time of large armies numbering thousands of soldiers. So ask us if you are interested to take the King's Shilling and join the Grenadier Company of the 1st Battalion, 42nd (Royal) Highland Regiment of Foot"Black Watch".

 As a new recruit you will first learn the basic soldiering as well as other necessary skills. We will also guide you into the history of the Black Watch and provide you with information about the reenactment hobby and legal issues, e.g. how to get a black powder license. After being accepted as a new member we will assist you in getting your basic equipment together during the following year. Reenactment is no cheap hobby, but many items of our equipment are manufactured by ourselves, which makes things more affordable.